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Aegis EHS
a Parsec Pacific company

At Aegis EHS - we specialise in Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) system projects, integration and support work. We support our customers with software release upgrades, new software selection, design, test and implementation services to medium-large sized organisations. We primarily work with Environmental, Health & Safety teams and their IT couterparts - to design and deliver robust and fully integrated technology solutions; and support the post "go live" activities with Aegis Managed Services.

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Our services include running tenders, designing and implementing Environmental, Health & Safety software - and integrating it with your organisations core systems, like People/HR systems, Location/Facilities Mgmt systems, and Security solutions. In summary, we can provide:

  1. EHS Project Office Services
    1. Business Case development & Project Approvals
    2. EHS Software Upgrade planning/testing/implementation
    3. Software Project Management / Implementation
    4. RFP / RFQ / Tender Mgmt
      1. Software solution reviews and recommendations
    5. Business Analysis & Requirements Documents
    6. Solution Architecture & Design documents
    7. Legacy Data Quality Review, Optimisation & Migration  
    8. Testing Planning & Test Execution services
    9. Change Management (training/communications mgmt) 
  2. API (Application Programmable Interfaces) services
    1. bespoke API development / integration – code which connects your Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) system with other "core" organisational legacy systems (like staff, facilities / other ERP systems). 
    2. API maintenance and support
  3. EHS Managed Services
    1. KPI/Monitoring/Reporting
    2. Testing 
    3. Patch/Release Management
    4. API maintenance & support
    5. Service Desk / Help Desk Support for leading EHS software solutions