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Our Challenge

A large Council were planning an office relocation and required a Data Centre strategy ahead of this work. Parsec Pacific was engaged to review the current environment and to provide an IT Infrastructure and Data Centre strategy which would enable them to relocate without building a new data centre in the new office. Where possible, cloud services were to be used to replace existing on-prem IT infrastructure. At its core, this engagement required Cloud Readiness Insights before recommending various solution options.

Our Approach

We conducted this engagement in two stages.

Initially we embarked on a Discover Phase which included several workshops, interviews and document reviews. We created a Requirements Document which captured our understanding of the proposed "future state" and confirmed our understanding of the existing environment. Once this was signed off, we moved into solution mode, and provided a framework for assessing the cloud readiness of each application in the "on-prem" council environment. This framework formed the baseline for all the solution option recommendations provided in the Infrastructure Strategy document. This document included our approach to developing the solution options, our guiding principles which were garnered from the Discovery Phase, and a roadmap to get there. It also included indicative pricing to implement the solution options.

“An important differentiator with Parsec Pacific is that we do not resell technology product. Therefore, our advice, is truly independent.” says Tim Nelson, Managing Director. Our engagement brief had a requirement to word the document deliverables in such a way that it would make it easier for our customer to develop RFQ's that would be required for market engagement beyond this engagement.


This work enabled the council to set a path for transformational change across the council's IT services. The roadmap delivered provided a clear path to achieving their desire end state and enabled them to make some selection options whilst clearly understanding the impact and dependencies these options may have toward other components of Cloud-based services.

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