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Citrix is one of the world's leading network services companies. We work with them to support and implement network, cloud and application support technologies. Parsec Pacific is proud to be partnered with Citrix as they provide our customers with access to some of the world's leading Network optimisation technology; including WAN service monitoring and SD-WAN solutions.



Powered by real—time network traffic intelligence, Sinefa provides enterprise—wide insights to help organizations drive their digital experience and accelerate their transformation efforts.

Sinefa’s cloud—native architecture enables pervasive traffic visibility of hybrid networks and clouds — legacy WANs, branch/edge, software defined, NFV, cloud and multi—tenanted environments.

Simple to use and quick to deploy, Sinefa collects enterprise—wide data to provide real—time traffic insights and enable comparison with industry benchmarks which provide unprecedented network traffic visibility.


Get accurate cloud financials and achieve operational excellence, from the beginning of your migration to industry-disrupting transformation. Refer to this section for more info…




Vocus offer a wide range of specialist fibre and network solutions that deliver on performance, speed, reliability, and scalability. Parsec Pacific work with Vocus to support our clients in providing world class solutions across Government, data infrastructure, Cloud and NBN.


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