Parsec Pacific


Our security gap analysis service leverages our decades of experience in managing IT system related change, the human aspects to this change and the related security challenges. This enables you to understand any current security gaps from a business perspective. We've had experience across a range of industries including banking, finance, media/marketing, education, gaming/wagering and government. Our experience includes unique investigative challenges such as anti-money laundering, counter terrorism financing and special operations.

While a full security audit should be conducted regularly (annually at least), a great way to begin understanding what your posture looks like is via a shorter gap analysis. It will help to highlight the security space including associated policies, human awareness, procedures and controls. These results often require a need to address continual improvement relating to these policies, human awareness, procedures and controls.

Our gap analysis is conducted using our own in-house methodology and supported by well known industry standards. Whilst each engagement has different challenges, the broad process we follow includes the following steps:

  • Scope/Threat boundaries
  • Define Threats
  • Prioritise / Risk Assessment
  • Current State Assessment
  • Response & Remediation