Get accurate cloud financials and achieve operational excellence, from the beginning of your migration to industry-disrupting transformation.


Build Certainty in Your Migration Plan

Often early cloud prototyping turns into a full migration without proper planning. Companies are then hit with large, unexpected expenses and a lack of accountability. Avoid these pitfalls by aligning your business and technical goals into a cloud strategy, mapping workloads to the right cloud infrastructure, forecasting spend and setting budgets.



Who is Spending What and Staying on Budget

Managing cloud spend is the top priority for enterprises running workloads and applications in the cloud. Understanding the cloud spend is extremely difficult when the monthly bill for your constantly changing cloud infrastructure can be millions of lines. This leaves companies vulnerable to costly surprises and unable to predict if their cloud spend will stay on budget.


Allocation and Chargeback

Accurately Allocate Your Cloud Spend

Accurate and timely cloud financials can be extremely elusive. While tags can help, they are not enough to deal with shared resources, untaggable costs, or to map services to your accounting structure and to provide a cohesive view across accounts, subscriptions and clouds. Furthermore, billing data does not reflect discounts, credits, amortization and custom surcharges — critical for allocations and chargebacks.

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