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FinOps Update 2020

Hello FinOps community! It's your regular update of happenings in Slack, upcoming events and a friendly reminder to take the new State of FinOps survey.

Lately, in Slack...


#sustainability: Nice to see this new channel, I’ve always seen a strong connection between FinOps and #sustainability and wanted to see more attention put on it…


#certification: Passed my FinOps Certified Practitioner exam today :tada: Many thanks to the awesome course instructors @Anima V @Ben de Mora (Sky) & @Eric Mulartrick (Boomi) for the fun and engaging way in which they shared their knowledge!


#Intros: I’m Lead DevOps at Bedrock, in Lyon France. Amongst other things, I help my developers colleagues identify what cost so much for their applications running in the cloud (AWS) and I work with them to reduce those costs.


#general: Looking to implement a chargeback/showback model for our AWS spend. We are basically just mapping to IT Leader at this point to get the ball rolling. Part of our issue is how EDP/Savingsplan credits are allocated. Is the only way to do this cleanly at the account level?


#general: ...has anyone come across a site that cross-references VMs across AWS, Azure and GCP, to find good match based on size and performance?


#finops-for-gcp: Howdy people, does anyone have any experience with cost anomaly detection in GCP, or guardrails that can mitigate some of the potential risk around fraudulent use/shadow IT?


#finops-for-gcp: ...looking for case studies for where Cloud spend has gotten out of control on GCP. In the process of educating execs on the “why you should care” and look what happens if we don’t sort this sooner.


#finops-for-aws: What are your thoughts on the new AWS performance metrics? Will they have value from a cost op standpoint?


#finops-for-aws: Can someone please let me know if we have a strategy to optimize Storage and Network(DT) charges? I believe we are spending almost equal cost for storage like compute, possibly looking for out of box solution which might be tried by one of us in our group. 


#finops-for-azure: Some good guidance here on how to build an effective set of roles and responsibilities for FinOps on Azure platforms


State of FinOps Survey

In the last few weeks, over 600 FinOps practitioners have taken our State of FinOps survey. If you haven't had a chance, we hope you'll take 10 minutes to participate! The data collected will help the community:

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