Project Management is crucial to business success. It's critical to your organisation and to your customers, that your projects are managed effectively. In short, the greater the dollar spend (relative to revenue) on your projects (by definition things that are not your "business as usual" (or BAU) operations) - the greater the risk.

When do you need a Project Manager?

A good ball-park guide is that the project management function, in a total project cost, should equate to about 15-20% the total project budget. It depends on the complexity and the number of moving parts. If your full-time employees take on the role of Project Manager - typically in the IT industry medium level experience for this role is around $120,000 - $140,000 AUD. In other words, you need about $1m in projects to justify this spend.

So what happens if we don't have $1m project spend?

Contractors are usually expensive. Some charge $1200 to $!600 per day. Typically a lot more expensive that full-time PMs. Therefore it becomes difficult to manage projects that are under the $1m dollar figure. Project management becomes part of your staff's day to day responsibilities - and the inevitable juggling act begins. The problem with this is - focus.

Projects require focus to be delivered effectively. And when your normal BAU staff manage projects - they tend to get de-prioritised - ahead of usual work activities. And this is understandable. The problem is that this behavior inadvertently adds risk to your projects - and in turn - risk to your organisation.

What's the solution?

Our Project Management Box capability can be used by your IT or business team. We provide experienced IT Project Managers from 2 days per week complete with a package of tools and templates. We call it Project Management Box. They come with a set of organisational project management "templates" which effectively enables your organisation to set up its own "Project Management Office" - just like a large organisation - for a fraction of the price.

Our suit of templates are based on Atlassian's JIRA product - and took approximately 90 days to develop. You will get this in the first week of our engagement.

You will also get dedicated access to our Project Management resources, for 2 days per week, every week - to manage your project delivery, project reporting, run weekly project meetings, and to manage your issues and risks.

You only need to pay for what you use. Our team of experience PM's and BA's can be engaged for as little as 2 days per week; up to 5 days per week; and provide support in a number of critical areas for IT project delivery success, including:

  1. Initial Project Planning; 
  2. Cloud Readiness / Roadmaps;
  3. Business Case development;
  4. Requirements gathering / scoping;
  5. Resource planning;
  6. Analysis & Technical Design;
  7. Test planning; System, Load and supporting User acceptance testing;
  8. Deployment planning;
  9. Go Live executions;
  10. Reviewing and Revising Technology Maintenance and Support Agreements;
  11. Post Go Live "Validation" testing';
  12. Post implementation reviews; and
  13. Security - Gap Analysis.

For more information on PMO Box, please contact Parsec Pacific today or call 1300 840 499.


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