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Emergency Management Services

Our EmergencyManagement Service (EMS) is designed to support your IT team when they need it most - during an emergency. We can provide Management Advisory Services including Incident Management and Risks Assessments, during business or outside hours, Security Reviews, Technical Architecture and Business Analysis - to ensure all approaches taken are adequately documented, process is followed, and best practices such as Post Incident Reporting is thoroughly undertaken and accurately documented. 

We can also provide an independent view of the problem or emergency which may be invaluable when assessing some intractable issues.

Examples of our work include IT Support for government Emergency Services during natural disasters (pro bono), and in support of large corporate IT during times of system crisis. Non contracted EMS support will be conducted on a best efforts basis; and depending on the timing and nature of the emergency Parsec Pacific resources may not be available to support in all instances.

For more details on our Emergency Management Service please call 0411 442 070 (24 hours a day).

Our Ad hoc (non-contracted) EMS support rate is available for $250 per hour (ex GST) - during business hours.

Outside Business Hours $400 per hour ex GST.


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