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Most organisations don't move Data Centres every day - it's a risky and potentially expensive proposition - no matter which way you do it. Parsec Pacific consulting services has managed a large number of Data Centre Relocations and Consolidations. 

We've developed a standardised set of methodologies which enables our customers to undertake projects of this magnitude with significantly less risk. We've also spent considerable time developing relationships with key Data Centre and technology service providers so when specialist technical advice is required, we have the people who have the answers.

Our work includes Contact Centre consolidation, including the change management required to bring new technology into the Contact Centre environment. This type of change generally requires considerable training preparation and related change management. We also have considerable experience in other data centre change programs like:

  • core network upgrades
  • firewall and switch replacement
  • load-balancer upgrades
  • data cabling documentation and redesign
  • cable management and quality control testing.

For a more detailed response/proposal to how we maybe able to solve your specific data centre change requirements, please email us here 




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