Parsec Pacific

Secured Office Anywhere 

COVID-19 has caused rapid transformation in business infrastructure. The change happened so quickly that most companies had to prioritise maintaining business operations, leaving less time to dedicate to security measures. This altered the security risk landscape for many organisations, and security related incident reports have immediately seen the evidence of how threat actors were exploiting this in the field.

As we navigate our way forward and out of this pandemic; it's increasingly apparent that new ways of working both remotely and collaboratively are here to stay. Securing your IT applications and infrastructure under this new paradigm has never been more important.

Parsec Pacific along with our partners Citrix are committed to helping organisations implement secure and robust technology infrastructure solutions. We enable your team to work from any office anywhere, by securely extending your technology security right out to the edge of your network - wherever that may be. 

By reducing the number of connection points your team needs to make, to access your application services, we deliver "Secured Office Anywhere".

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