Parsec Pacific has partnered with Seibert Media to provide Linchpin project services. Linchpin combines employee and team needs with the goals of management in a modern, flexible social intranet solution. The platform meets the requirements of a classic intranet and of Intranet 2.0. This is accomplished with Confluence as the technological basis combined with Linchpin add-ons and customer-specific customizations.

Finally, a modern intranet solution

Linchpin was developed for larger-sized companies and their specific communication needs. The platform is a lean, modern and functional alternative to the established software solutions that dominate the intranet market. All this at a significantly lower price and with less technical complexity. Linchpin has proven itself in globally operating companies with tens of thousands of employees and in medium-sized organizations. It is ready for business. You can do a free trial in advance at anytime and start a pilot project with us.

Social intranet based on Atlassian Confluence

The Confluence collaboration software was developed by the Australian provider Atlassian and is one of the most popular business applications for team collaboration in the world. Linchpin complements Confluence's functions by meeting the key requirements companies have for intranets. Linchpin combines both approaches in a system where employees can work together smoothly but also fulfills the traditional intranet requirements.

Why Linchpin?

  • Seamless combination of top-down communication ("Intranet 1.0") and a modern social intranet
  • Reduced complexity because users can customize their experience according to their language, location and department
  • Proper collaboration and effective knowledge management system with one of the most sophisticated and user-friendly collaboration systems on the market
  • An excellent editor lets users easily create and edit content with complete multimedia support. What you see is really what you get.
  • Deeply integrated social features such as microblogging, profile pages, advanced search functionality, sharing, "Liking," comments, etc.
  • Flexible integration of other company applications that employees use daily
  • Significant savings on license fees in comparison with other intranet solutions like SharePoint, Jive, etc.

Software Design

The foundation of the Linchpin suite is built on Atlassian Confluence, one of the most successful and popular business applications and collaboration solutions in the world. But Confluence by itself is not a fully-fledged intranet system and does not aspire to be one. It focuses on modern team collaboration (Intranet 2.0) and not on corporate requirements for intranets (Intranet 1.0).

Building blocks for a modern social intranet

The Linchpin solution combines both approaches and uses plug-ins to turn the excellent Confluence base into a proper social intranet where employees can work together smoothly but also meets traditional intranet requirements.

The third building block is an individual theme based on a company's corporate design. This not only improves the usability of the system in critical areas but also increases acceptance among employees and promotes their identification with the application.

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