Case Studies

Please visit our Case Studies below to get an insight into the style and range of our projects as well as our recent engagements:

Blog Post - Can we kick Yammer when we adopt Linchpin Intranets with Microblogging?

Microblogging is a pretty useful activity within companies. While you can argue, that most stuff posted on facebook is not especially valuable for a lot of readers the adoption of microblogging within the company can yield high returns both through increased transparency and more efficiency.

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Case Study - Linchpin - Confluence based intranet

An example case study on how Linchpin can be utilised to used a create a dynamic intranet solution supporting enterprise interaction and collaboration.

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Network Redesign & Security Upgrade

Upgrading network components can be a particularly risky propositions, especially when one considers that all devices on the network may be potentially affected by a single network related change or issue. Applications across a range of business departments may be affected by a single network related change event.

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Case Study - Contact Centre Relocations & Consolidations

We have a strong understanding of the Contact Centre environment; and what it takes to minimise service disruption risk whilst implementing major change in this type of environment.

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Cloud Business Services

What does moving to "the Cloud" actually mean ?

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Independent Solution Advice

Parsec Pacific is an independent solution advisor. This means we don't resell the products of any particular technology providers. This enables us to truly provide totally independent advice, tailored to meet your specific and unique business requirements.

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